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BigdataCash comes with a basic but very necessary idea nowadays, where technology is essential in our daily lives.

With Bigdatacash you will be able to use your wallet or App to store your files on our own blockchain, all of this directly in the clouds, as previously mentioned is nothing innovative for there are already some services, as an example we have ONEDRIVE and GOOGLEDRIVE.

Blocks Reward Pos MN
0000 - 00001 1000000 BDCASH N/A N/A
00002 - 10000 1 BDCASH N/A N/A
10001 - 19999 2 BDCASH 25% 75%
20000 - 29999 3 BDCASH 25% 75%
30000 - 39999 1 BDCASH 25% 75%
40000 - 59999 4 BDCASH 25% 75%
60000 - 79999 3 BDCASH 25% 75%
80000 - 99999 2 BDCASH 25% 75%
100000 - to end 1 BDCASH 25% 75%

Road Map BDCASH 2020

  • Start Project

    Building and start Network

    Test Network and create Wallets

    Start Pré mine.

  • Expand Project

    Create social network channel.

    Create Pré ANN and start mining public

    Explorer and Website and Official ANN.

  • Expand Community

    Finish mining Pow Blocks.

    Sale Private to Investor and holders.

    White Paper and create Web wallet.

  • First Improvements

    First Exchange (target is Crex24)

    Wallets Update

    Wallets Android

  • Growing Community

    First Airdrop.

    Listing in Pool Staking.


  • Starting Project

    Researching storage using blockchain.

    Attract new members to the team.

    Search for new partnerships.

  • Continuing Project

    Second Exchange (No target)

    New Update Wallet

    Bigdatacash network improvements

  • Updates mandatory

    Update Bitcointalk ANN

    Update Website Informations

    Update Road Map


Nowadays there are many very safe storage services, some examples are AMAZON, ONEDRIVE and GOGLEDRIVE. Our goal for the coming months is to create a new storage method using blockchain.
Where it will be possible through your wallet (be it on the PC or cell phone) to store your files whether they are photos, video, documents using our blockchain bringing another layer of security in addition to those already on the market.
All this service will be free, but like any service it will have its limitations, requiring an upgrade.
How will this upgrade be? Basically using only BDCASH, all without leaving your PC or mobile wallet.

View White paper V1.0.0