Donation BDCASH

Follows address and current balance of donations. All balance donated will be for exchange listing.
Crex24 target Listing 0.00800596BTC / 0.400BTC

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Server BigdataCash (BDCASH)
Coin Name Address Balance Action
Bitcoin 182PzCRej5RsFs7dTJT7TKrc9KotxakEaL 0.00473995 BTC Report Donation
Bitcoin Cash qpxsc7lu4rdaf0fjsgd3ha9n0lwee2cg2gsu53dlwl 0.00270343 BCH Report Donation
BigdataCash 8WdqUUdno9X1sMi2WJL92xx1RPTHxziq7t 161.0000000 BDCASH Report Donation
* The donation balance is updated once a day